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About Us

Beapun is an IT Solutions, IoT, Cloud, IT Security, Software Development and IT Outsourcing business. We design, build and manage simple to complex IT solutions for small to large enterprises.

We are the industry pace setters, with a worldclass approach and efficiency designed to deliver optimum value to client on every project, we adopt the bespoke approach where we introduce innovative ideas to ensure our client derives maximum value from their investment.

8 Million $

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98% Client Satisfaction

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30 Years

of experience

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Our Mission

To become the recognized leading technology brand across the African continent, providing user friendly, yet robust and effective technology driven solutions to businesses and end users. We are focused on building a brand that exceeds client needs, shaping the future of technology.

How do we get there…

Our Vision

With our skills, experience, unique solutions and foresight, a dynamic and value driven approach to technology adoption, we will continue to shape the future of businesses by introducing contemporary solutions and process advisory that will enhance their businesses time to value.


Best environment to excel

Excellence enabling environment

With our brilliant team and global partners, we brainstorm, plan and develop solutions with clear analysis of TCO and RoI at the first glance.

Our solutions cut across small and medium enterprises

Global Clients

We have references across Africa, industries and sizes. As a focused technology company, our solutions are adding value to businesses, hence most new businesses are by referrals.

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